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Thomas has been working in the video and film industry for 14 years. He got his start as an intern at The Wexner Center for the Fine Arts, in 1995, where his first task was to document the 42nd President as he toured the Roy Lichtenstein Exhibit.

He started up a wedding video business while a student at Ohio State University. After graduating with a fine arts degree, he moved to Hawaii to pursue sports action videography.

Having already had experience in wedding videography, he went to work for The Wedding Emporiumin in 1998, where he was employed as a wedding videographer and senior digital editor.

Starting in 1999 and continuing through 2001, Tom and some partners operated a complete extreme sports video production service that covered every major surfing event for ESPN, ESPN2 and FOX Sports.

September 2001, he went to work for KHON FOX 2 as a photojournalist.

November 17th, 2005 Tom started the first Surf Video Podcast in history, Hawaii Surf Session Report and has maintained the show as the top surf podcast as well as consistantly being ranked in the top 50 sports Podcasts according to iTunes®. Surf Session Report is critically acclaimed by ABC World News and Wired Magazine. He has also started the premeir relaxation video podcast, Waves of Serenity, in 2006, which is currently in the top 100 health podcasts according to iTunes®

In 2006 Tom was contracted by PFS Marketwyse to help shoot and produce an award winning corporate video featuring Jamie O'Brien the Pro Surfer

September 2006, began contracting with KHON FOX 2 as the evening news Floor Director, operating robotic cameras and running the the lights

Since 2006 Tom has been actively involved with legal video services, Certified Legal Video Services.

Tom has captured and edited endless hours of memories from surf to mountain biking to weddings and Birthday Parties too.

Tom is contracted by C4 watermen to provide Podcasts and videos for marketing.

Hawaii Surf Session Report and its creator, Tom were featured in the Native Intelligence section of HANA HOU in-flight magazine for Hawaiian Airlines

Currently Tom is expanding his bsiness portfolio by offering the best Social Media Networking Consulting in Hawaii. Using creative marketing techniques, knowlege, experience and proven results that could benifit you or your business

. (up^)

Social Media Networking and Podcast Consulting

  • 2009
  • Tiki's Grill and Bar 2008
  • C4 Waterman 2007
  • Hawaii Discount Realty 2008
  • Plan Sea Production 2008
  • Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo) 2007





Recent Projects:

Original Productions & Creations

Segment Producer/Editor

Retail Video Productions

Editing & Productions Consulting

  • Certified Legal Video Services
  • Affordable Image Transfers
  • Custom Audio
  • Presentation Resourses
  • Jamba Juice Banana Man Run
  • Holland Television Network
  • Navy Exchange Car Show
  • Hula Lessons, SK Productions
  • Aloha Surf TV
  • Hawaiian Heritage Foundation
  • Video South Pacific
  • Lau Visions & Art
  • Wedding Emporium
  • Sauls Produtions (Minnesota)
  • Prickett Films
  • Ocean Energy Productions
  • North Shore Diving HDQTs
  • Dao MedicalTechnologies
  • Pearl Harbor Premier
  • Final F antasy Media Junction
  • Sight and Sound Studios
  • Air Service Hawaii
  • Brisk
  • GF Productions
  • Liquid Hawaii
  • Dream Maker Video
  • Keana Kai Productions (up^)

Televison Commercial Clients

  • Tiki's Grill and Bar
  • Che' Pasta
  • 2x Converse Shoe Commercial
  • BBC Phuture 2000
  • Liquid Hawaii
  • Haleiwa Arts Festival
  • Tropical Rush
  • Friends of da Hui
  • Ice Age Snow Boards
  • G-spot Dance & Trance Parties
  • Makana
  • Braudda E's Hula Lamps
  • Catch of the Day 30 sec. spots
  • Subway 30 sec. spot
  • Aloha Surf TV (up^)




  • 2008 Hawaii Bar Association Convention
  • 2007 CSPAN 9th Judicial Circuit Convention
  • 2006-07 Certified Leagal Video Services
  • 2001 Pearl Harbor Premier Media
  • 2001 Honolulu DOT PSA "The Bus Catch It"
  • 2001 Catch of the Day 30 sec. spot
  • 2001 Subway 30 sec. Spot (up^)


  • 2009 BBC Interview Profile C4 Waterman
  • 2009 Hawaii Sand Soccer
  • 2008-09 Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Opening Ceremony
  • 2008 Hawaii Red Magazine
  • 2008 Reelz Channel "Movie Locations"
  • 2008 TLC "Rock the Reception"
  • 2008 TACO BELL / Yum Brands Inc. Corporate Trip
  • 2008 A+ Media
  • 2007 CSPAN 9th Judicial Circuit Convention
  • 2006 CBS Discovery Network "Stunt Junkies"
  • 2006 Holland Television Networks
  • 2006-7 Certified Legal Video Services
  • 2006 Navy Exchange Car Show
  • 2006 Nohelani Cypriano Hula Troupe
  • 2005 Billabong Monster Pro
  • 2005 Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic
  • 2004 Roxy Pro Womens ASP Championships
  • 2004 Eddie Kamae Book Signing
  • 2004-2006 SK Productions
  • 2003 MISO Championships
  • 2003 Jamba Juice Banana Man Run
  • 2002 Na Wahine O Ke Kai
  • 2002 Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic
  • 2001–2005 KHON Fox 2
  • 2001 Quiksilver Eddie Aikau
  • 2001 Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic
  • 2001 CanadianFilm/Video 4 Kicks
  • 2000 ASP Triplecrown-ESPN2
  • 2000 Planet Extreme, Gravity Games
  • 2000 Quiksilver Makahiki
  • 2000 Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic
  • 2000 Blue TorchTV FOXsports
  • 1999 ASP Triplecrown-ESPN2 (up^)


  • Sony V1U HDV 1080i 24p
  • Sony HDV Video Recorder HVR-M15U
  • Sony PD100 dvcam + 2 wide angle +Doubler
  • CamRock under water sports HD camera
  • Final Cut Pro v.5
  • Kodak Easyshare DX6490


  • Social Media Networking Consultant
  • Podcast Consultant
  • Chyron Operator
  • Technical Director
  • Teleprompter
  • Studio Production Robo-Cam
  • HD camera operator
  • Helicopter Cameraman
  • Event Staging
  • Linear Video Editor
  • Non-Linear Editor (AVID, Media 100, Adobe Premeir)
  • Field/ Studio Audio Technician
  • Betacam Cameraman
  • Lighting/Set Design
  • Copy writing/ Scripting
  • Advertising/Sales
  • Graphic Design
    (Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress)
  • 3D/2D Animation
  • Education:
  • BFA The Ohio State University 1997
  • Certified: AVID & Media 100 editor
  • Red Cross: WSI/ First Aid/ CPR (up^)
  • Upper Arlington High School
  • Jones Middle School
  • Tremont Elementry
  • Safety Town
  • TUMPS preeschool


Please contact Tom at (808) 223-9805. Or email

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